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Letter Rack 3D Letter Rack 3D "It really is 'too good for words' !"

A Scrabble® type word game in breathtaking 3D. It does not depend on large word lists and is solely reliant on its game play strategy to beat an opponent. It features many levels of 'intelligence' and play styles, resulting in a very 'human' like and enjoyable game.
Letter Rack (Classic) Letter Rack (Classic)

Has all the excitement of Letter Rack 3D but in a traditional 2D presentation.

(Letter Rack (Classic) can now be personalized with Tile Designer)

Whats Up Whats Up "Gives a new dimension to word games"

A Scrabble® type word game with a vertical twist ! It looks like Letter Rack (Classic) and it works the same - but its game play and strategy are unlike any other.

(Whats Up can now be personalized with Tile Designer)

Scrabble Solution Scrabble Solution

A unique way of creating and solving puzzles. A great companion for Scrabble® games helping to find that ideal score.
Target Words Target Words

Create and solve 9 letter anagrams. Find words of 4 letters or more that include the common key letter(s).
Countdown Solution Countdown Solution

A great tool for solving all of those challenging puzzles on that famous Channel 4 programme - now you can keep up with the rest of the team and create your own puzzles !
WordSeek WordSeek

Is the ultimate tool to help you solve that final crossword clue, anagrams, missing letters and so much more.

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 Word Puzzles Package


  • 31 March 2009

  • Letter Rack (Classic) Now supports TWL06.

  • 27 February 2009

  • Word Puzzles Updated - TWL06
    New versions of Countdown Solution, Scrabble Solution, Target Words & WordSeek.

  • 05 March 2007

  • Word Puzzles Updated -
    New versions of Countdown Solution, Scrabble Solution, Target Words & WordSeek.

  • 17 February 2007

  • Tile Designer - now you can personalize Letter Rack (Classic) / Whats Up by using this free tool. Tile Designer is now included with the installation.

    Tile Designer


    Solve all those tricky word problems - anagrams, missing letters or just for checking your spelling.

    It's free !



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